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Hannah Collin


Stephanie spent the first six years of her life as the baby and center of attention to her family, until the family was surprised with one more bundle of joy. Hannah was just what their family was missing. She always has their family laughing from her witty humor and crazy antics. 


If you see her at the wedding conversation topic could include: Japanese cars, corny jokes, tennis shoes, and her dog Athena. 

Matt Gardner

Best Man

David met Matt while working at PwC. After a few brunches and paintball outings it was clear Matt would be a friend for life. One of David's fondest memories with Matt is spending quality time during COVID playing cards, listening to music, and grilling out. 

If you see Matt at the wedding, conversation topics could include: paint balling, the Atlanta Falcon's, fishing and what it says on the side of a Miller Lite can. 

Carly Cantelmo


Stephanie and Carly first met bonding over a space book on the bus in first grade. Later that year, unbeknownst to either of them, Stephanie's family moved across the street. She is someone you want in your corner, to support and cheer you on. While friends come and go throughout our lives, Carly is more than a best friend to Stephanie, she is a permanent fixture in her family. 


If you talk to her at the wedding, conversation topics would include: Harry Potter, her obsession with shoes, dogs, and sushi.

Alex Monteith


Alex is David's older brother and first friend. Growing up, they were always exploring the woods behind their childhood home with the neighborhood kids, going shooting with their father, and . David followed Alex to the USF and joined Delta Chi, the fraternity that Alex was a member of.  

If you catch Alex at the wedding, conversation topics could include: US Soccer, shooting sporting clays, bears and the scar he gave David on his face. 

Coby Polston


Coby is Stephanie's oldest sister with a spunky personality that leaves everyone loving her.  Stephanie looks up to Coby for the many reason. A few being:  her ability to see the humor in everything, good or bad; how amazing a mother she is to her three kids; and how she is always their for the people she cares for. 

If you see her at the wedding, conversation topics could include: the number of Hannah's pets she replaced before Hannah noticed and her three kids. 

Samantha Lewis


Sami is one of Stephanie's older sisters, a wonderful role model, and biggest cheerleader. She is outspoken, full of laughter,  and a hard worker. Stephanie has always looked to Sami for advice and share many interest in common. One of Stephanie's fondest memories is how much Sami pushed to make her a better cheerleader and pushed her to learn her back handspring.

If you see her at the wedding, conversation topics could include: her two adorable kids, is skiing better in Colorado or Utah, her dog Maui, and that Dr. Pepper is the elite soda. 

Peter Stamas


Peter is one David's fraternity brother from USF. David, Peter and Stephanie all were accounting majors and pushed each other to do the best they could while in school. 

If you see Peter at the wedding, conversation topics could include: Stamas fishing boats, golf, and greek food.

Ray Rohrer


Ray has become one of David and Stephanie's best friends through one of their college best friends Sarah. David and Stephanie were blessed to accompany the two on their wedding day and have enjoyed the friendship that has cultivated over the years. 

If you see Ray at the wedding conversation topics could be: cheating at Scrabble, his two dogs, or golfing.

Sarah Rohrer


Stephanie and Sarah became friends and roommates during their time at USF as members of their sorority, Chi Omega. Sarah is one of the most dependable and caring people- ever. One of Stephanie's fondest memories of Sarah was being able to stand next to her on her big day and being able to shower her with as much love as possible.

If you converse with her, conversation topics could include: everything Disney, New York City, and crafting. 

Makenna Lewis

Flower Girl

Makenna is Stephanie's youngest niece. She enjoys hanging out with her older brother and dog Maui, getting into things she shouldn't, and giving hugs to everyone. 

Hendrix Whitlow

Ring Bearer

Hendrix is Stephanie's oldest nephew. He enjoys all of the superheroes (especially Spiderman), Ghostbusters, and jumping on his trampoline. 

Yeager Baine


David and Stephanie met Yeager through their friend Matt when going to Oktoberfest in Helen, GA. The three has grown very close over the years and treasure the memories they have made together. One of their favorite memories is the ski trip they took this spring out to Utah. 

If you see Yeager at the wedding conversation topics could be: American history, Auburn football, or his love for brightly colored clothing.

Elliott Whitlow

Flower girl

Elliott is Stephanie's niece. She enjoys hanging out with her older brother and sister, playing with her three dogs, and dressing up like all of the princesses and superheroes

Abigail Whitlow

Junior Bridesmaid

Abigail is Stephanie's oldest niece. She enjoys softball and cheerleading, cooking, and baking.

Kershaw Lewis

Ring Bearer

Kershaw is Stephanie's youngest nephew. He enjoys playing t-ball, paw patrol, and playing with anyone who will follow his rules with own made up games.